The Best Brewery Logo in Arizona is…

You know how you occasionally see an online poll--usually on Facebook or Twitter--that declares “100,000,000 people cast a vote!”?

This is not one of those polls.

I recently asked seven friends, family members, and beer-loving acquaintances about their favorite Arizona brewery logo. I circulated logos from 23 different breweries across the state and asked them all to choose their favorites. And yes, that was seven, not ‘several.’ SEVEN. [See? I told you this was not one of ‘those’ polls.]

Arizona currently has over 100 working breweries, so this poll is hardly representative. In all honesty, the 23 brewery logos were chosen because those are the breweries I’ve actually been to. To be more thorough, I guess I should visit more breweries. Come to think of it, I should get more friends, too.

To tabulate the results, I used a simple point system. I asked respondents to rank their top five logos and assigned points on a corresponding scale. I asked everyone to rate the logo only, not the beer. Total number of actual votes were used to break ties.

So, without making you scroll much further or click elsewhere, here are the results of this totally unscientific endeavor.

#3 (tie) Grand Canyon Brewing Company and Arizona Wilderness Brewing Company

Both Grand Canyon and Arizona Wilderness earned 10 points and Grand Canyon received three total votes to AZ Wilderness’ two. BUT…AZ Wilderness earned all ten of its points via first place votes so there's that. Grand Canyon was my personal #1, which was its lone first place vote. So, already my system for breaking ties is a bust.

#2 Tombstone Brewing Company

Squeaking in at #2 was Tombstone with 11 points. Overall, Tombstone received three total votes and one first place vote. Here’s a link to a story of how their logo came to be.

And the best brewery logo in Arizona is…

#1 Pinetop Brewing Company

Pinetop Brewing was the runaway winner here (if it was possible to have one) as they earned 17 total points and received six out of a possible eight total votes. Another reason to visit the White Mountains, ya’ll.

Other less important observations:

>There was a four-way tie for fourth place among Oro, Lumberyard, Dark Sky and Desert Eagle.

>Eighteen of the 23 logos received at least one vote.

>Dark Sky, Desert Eagle and Sleepy Dog all received at least one first place vote.

Of course, this poll was totally unscientific. Really, it was just an exercise in how to come up with blogging content.

Perhaps one day I’ll pull out my Master’s degree in statistical research and answer the question of whether a brewery logo influences what we think about a brewery’s beer. Until then, Prost!

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