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The Arizona Beer Traveler (aka "ProfPC") is a writer, academic, beer lover and a Certified Cicerone® living in Phoenix, Arizona. Arizona Beer Traveler dot com began as a way for ProfPC to study for the Cicerone® exam (the best way to study is to write) but it has grown into a site dedicated to spreading the word about Arizona beer. ('s pretty good.)

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Arizona Beer Traveler reminds you to always drink responsibly. "Know when to say when." Get an Uber. Use of this site constitutes agreement to our terms, including but not limited to holding Arizona Beer Traveler harmless for your actions. No one is twisting your arm here. Our opinions belong to us, but you are responsible for your own actions. Arizona Beer Traveler is dedicated to celebrating the remarkable beverage that is beer. Let's not spoil it for everyone by over-doing it, OK?

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