ReCoupOn Rewind: February

This ReCoupOn thing just keeps getting better and better.

For those in the know, last Christmas the Arizona Craft Brewers Guild created a coupon book (dubbed “ReCoupOn”) as a fundraiser for the guild. Lost revenue due to COVID this past year hit them pretty hard, so coupon book sales help the guild keep the doors open. And beer lovers to save a few bucks.

After some initial hesitation about the deals, I’m a true believer now. Two visits to two different breweries just this month have saved me over $10.

That Hop Sting didn’t last long…

I saved $6.80 on two pints and a four-pack at Simple Machine using their 20% coupon. Simple Machine kicked in four 20% coupons to the book, each valid at a different time during the year.

I saved $4.80 on a flight and a crowler at 12 West in Mesa using a 10% coupon.

In total, I’ve saved $26 thus far. At this pace, the coupon book will pay for itself before tax day! Spring break, more likely.

Savings from the smaller coupons—the 10%-ers—add up quickly when you are picking up four and six packs.


Most of the coupon deals run through the end of 2021. Right now, I’m placing the over/under on my total savings for the year at $125. Let’s see how I do!