Borderlands to open in North Phoenix

I was mindlessly driving into work one morning recently when I came to a stoplight at 7th Ave and Deer Valley. While I was waiting for the light to change, I was stirred awake by the sense that something around me was different. I gazed across the intersection and I realized what got my "spidey-sense" a-tingling.

It was this.

For those that need glasses like me, here's a closer look:

Yep. Borderlands is moving into north Phoenix.

After an exhaustive 5-minute search of the interwebs, there's no information to be found about when this new Borderlands location will open. But since it is in my neck of the woods (and now on my route to and from work), it can't open soon enough.

If the signage is to be believed, this location on the southwest corner of 7th Ave and Deer Valley--just opposite the entrance to the Deer Valley airport--will serve both beer and food. They are calling it a 'Public House' after all. I predict it will be a smashing success, not simply because I will drive by nearly every day, but because this area of Phoenix is in such a dire need for new restaurants.

I've never been to Borderlands' Tucson location, but I am a big fan of the Imperial German Chocolate Cake Porter. It is one of the few beers I have ever rated "5.0" on Untappd. I first tasted it at the 2018 Strong Beer Festival and I don't think I've been the same since.

Borderlands brews some other fine beers too...I think. However, I never get past the German Chocolate Cake Porter to find out.

With this second location, Borderlands joins the ranks of other AZ breweries with multiple locations: Four Peaks, Arizona Wilderness, State 48, Desert Eagle, Historic, SanTan, McFate and OHSO. That's some elite company.



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