ReCoupOn Rewind: Huss Makes Its Case

You may have seen local AZ Breweries and taprooms selling a strange looking item at the end of 2020—a glossy looking magazine bearing the unusual name “ReCoupOn.”

Those in the know recognized them as actual coupon books…for beer!

The Arizona Craft Brewer’s Guild—the folks behind Arizona Beer Week, Real Wild and Woody and the Strong Beer Festival—sold the coupon books at the end of 2020 to recoup (pun intended) lost revenue from 2020. The festivals are a primary source of income for the Guild and you can imagine how COVID and the loss of the festivals in 2020 hurt their bottom line. So, the Guild got a few dozen breweries and retailers to chip in to help the cause, offering deals that run through all of 2021.

I picked up a coupon book last December, ready to do my part for the Arizona beer industry. After wasting most of the month of January behind a Zoom screen, I rededicated myself to using the coupons I had paid $35 for.

At first, I wasn’t overly excited by the deals I saw. There is the occasional “Beer for $1” deal—which is nice—but most of what I saw were coupons for growler fills and merchandise—two things I generally shy away from.

But buried deep within the pages is a coupon that makes the whole thing worthwhile. It’s such a good deal, but you gotta look for it.

The deal? Huss is offering 50% off a case. With cases priced at $30 each, with the deal, you get a case—24 beers—for just $15. It’s clearly the best deal in the book. You recoup nearly half the cost of the whole book with just one coupon.

ReCoupOn indeed!

I made it a point to visit Huss’ Tempe taproom recently (in a small industrial park, wedged in between Guadalupe and I-10) and after a quick flight, absconded with 23 beers for just $15. I felt like a thief.

Mathematically inclined readers might ask, “Why 23 and not 24?” Simple.  Huss’ Hopaloosa hazy IPA comes in four-packs and technically, a four-pack counts as a six-pack when put into a case. I grabbed two six-packs of Scottsdale Blonde, one six-pack of Orange Blossom and one four-pack of Hopaloosa. The server was kind enough to toss in one extra can of Hopaloosa, making my total haul 23 cans.

Bonus: She also gave me a Huss koozie.

Huss has been slowly climbing my rankings of favorite breweries in Arizona. The Uptown taproom is great (I love the sliders and the happy hour prices are awesome), their small-batch brews are very good, and this coupon (plus the 14-cent coupon in the ReCoupOn book, which will be redeemed soon) shows some love to their customers and the Guild.

Thanks, Huss!

ReCoupOn Book total for 2021:

Coupons used: 1

Money saved: $15