Happy Birthday to Us!

Yes, it is a surprise even to us. We made it to 3 years. Happy birthday to us. Everyone grab a beer.

This little venture, which originally was intended to help me study for the Cicerone (c) exam, has lasted well beyond its original purpose. To mark the occasion, GoDaddy auto-bought me a new 3-year contract.

Whoo-hoo! Here’s looking forward to Year 6!

All kidding aside, year 3 really stank. Due to the various COVID-related lockdowns (governmental and self-imposed), I simply haven’t been able to get our much. We are “AZ Beer TRAVELER” after all. So, there hasn’t been much new content posted in the last year.

Still, I DO have goals for the coming year, including the following:

>Review of LoveCraft (awesome)

>Review of Front Pourch Brewing

>Review of Huss Brewing

>Review of Richter Brewing

>Review of Tombstone-North

>Reviving the “Best Beer” series to include my nominations for the best beers from Huss, San Tan, North Mountain, Historic, and more.

>Recapping my adventures in home brewing

So, with fingers crossed, we are embarking on Year Four of this blogging adventure.


Image Public Domain, so back off! Let me enjoy my cake!