Wake Me Up When September is Over*

It’s been a bad month for beer in Phoenix. Just when we started to climb out of the lockdown and beer drinking regained some normalcy, we were quickly reminded that it is still 2020.


While, many small breweries survived this pandemic nonsense (Richter, Front Pourch, Simple Machine–to name a few), not all beer-related businesses did. Here’s a quick rundown of closings I’ve come across just this month:

Scottsdale Beer Company

It was probably a foregone conclusion that Scottsdale Beer Company would not make it through the pandemic. They were among the first to really talk openly about their struggles to stay open. At one point, they were talking about selling the furniture.

Say goodbye.

(Sad) “Fun Fact”: Texas Tea was my first ever check-in on Untappd.

My first Untappd check-in; A visit to SBC the day before Strong Beer Fest ’18

Black Canyon Brewing Supply

Technically not a brewery, but Black Canyon Brewing Supply (north side of Bell Road, just west of I-10) was a cool homebrew supply store that also served as a growler station and exotic bottle shop. Just when I start getting into homebrewing…poof.

Growler USA

I have to qualify this, as this closure is not COVID related. It’s something else entirely.

Right on the heels of my last entry, proudly reminding readers that Growler USA-High Street is preparing to simply change its name and not close…they closed. This week, drinkers/diners were greeted with this sign:

This is not a good sign. Good signs = OPEN.

If you want to read the small print, here’s a close up:

As I’ve written previously, Growler USA has been my home-away-from-home, particularly while I was studying for the Cicerone exam, so this closure is personal. It was a stellar example of how beer helps forge social bonds and interpersonal connections (and I’m not talking in any prurient way). Growler was simply a fun place to gather and get a drink. The servers–Mikey, Sandy, Michelle–always knew you by name, knew your preferences, and made it a fun time. You looked forward to being there.

The owner/manager/lessee/franchisee “George” (I only know him as George) is a former California congressman, so he probably knows a thing or two about law. Hopefully, whatever is going on will get resolved quickly so we can get back to beer.

‘Cause we really need it right now.


*Apologies to Green Day