Growler USA-High Street to Change Name

Growler USA, the High-Street beer bar/pub where I spent most of my life while studying for the Certified Cicerone exam, may be no more by year’s end.

But it’s NOT closing.

[With 2020 being such a disaster, we might not be surprised by another bar closing, but this is not one of those stories…thankfully!]

According to sources (and by “sources” I mean loose-lipped servers on a slow Sunday evening), Growler USA will be changing its name, likely before December.

Taps, taps and more taps

Growler USA is a national beer pub chain based in Colorado that focuses on taps, taps, and more taps. Growler USA locations not located in Colorado tend to be franchised—independently owned but using the branding and theme of another restaurant. Rumor has it that Growler USA-High Street’s franchise agreement will expire, freeing it to be become something else.

That’s purdy

I’m sure this has nothing to do with the corporate Growler USA filing for bankruptcy protection in 2019.

This would not be the first Growler USA location to make the ol’ switcher-oo.

Whether it is as Growler USA or something else, the High Street location is a great place to grab a beer. The servers are awesome, the food is better than your average pub, and in the midst of the pandemic, they managed to stay open, maintaining around 50 taps—no small feat.

Yeah, I’ve had them all…