Verde Brewing to Upgrade Taproom/Brewery

This summer, Verde Brewing Company is undergoing what owner/brewer Alex Goetting calls a “minor renovation.”

That means, if you happen to visit over the next month or so, you’ll find only guest taps. But really, it’s a small price to pay for what should be a giant leap forward for this small brewery, located in the Verde Valley.

Verde Brewing currently gets approximately 3.5 kegs out of each batch of beer they brew. Compare that to the ginormous fermentors of other breweries and you get a sense of the extremely small scale Verde has been working with for a while.

These ginormous fermentors belong to another brewery named Not Verde

So, an upgrade is in order.

In July 2019, Verde will be reworking its “beer plumbing” which should increase their output capacity by 50%. Alex tells me that in a typical month, Verde produces 44 kegs, so with the renovations, they should be able to produce upwards of 66 kegs a month. This would allow Verde to begin to explore distribution beyond the Verde Valley.

Included in all these changes would be the potential for a higher festival profile, a catering arm, and eventual canning. I’m all for Verde visiting more festivals. That’s how I came to discover them, actually.

Included in the remodel is also a slight adjustment of the kitchen. It’s moved away from the bar area and is now along the back wall. I like it better already.

Goetting says it might take a few more years to get to where they want to be, but Verde is content to take its time. He seems skeptical of breweries that “grow too fast” and end up hurting themselves in the end. So for now, plumbing upgrades are in order. That will allow them to return to what they’ve been doing well for almost five years now—brew good beer in the Verde Valley.

One of my favorite beer pics ever--Verde Honey Brown at the Boler's Building