“It’s these Cans!” Staying Afloat During Coronavirus

It’s no surprise that the ol’ Coronavirus is hitting Arizona breweries hard.

I can imagine breweries and brew pubs with humble, “micro-brewery” sized operations will not survive the “stay-at-home” order. They depend too much on foot and seat traffic. Being closed is simply devastating. Scottsdale Beer Company, for one, is almost certainly going to be no more when this is all over. The Arizona Republic reported they are selling through their batches now and when the taps are dry, they will start selling the furniture.

Sign of the times…

Since the world went ‘kablooey’ a few weeks ago, I’ve been doing my best to help Arizona breweries stave off bankruptcy. I’ve visited as many as I can, getting beer to go and re-filling my growlers repeatedly. In doing so, I think I’ve found the answer to brewers surviving the virus.

Aluminum. Or, as the British say, “Al-you-minimum.”

In other words, cans.

Breweries that can their product are in a better position to ride out this thing. With brewpubs and bars cutting all counter service, beer kegs and taps sit longer, risking infection and other beer woes. By canning, beer stays fresher longer and can be sold faster, thus, turning over inventory, creating cash flow.

Which is what we all need right now.

Several smaller local breweries already can: Helton, Historic, Mother Road, and Tombstone all come to mind.

Tombstone seemingly cans everything they brew…

Imagine my utter delight when I learned North Mountain Brewing has begun canning too.

A few months ago, North Mountain began a bottling program. During a take-out visit to the brewpub this week, I learned North Mountain started canning their core beers—get this—just three weeks ago.

Talk about timing.

“It’s been crazy,” I was told by my server. “The beer has been flying off the shelves.” Knowing they are now canning at least eight different beers gives me hope they will make it.

So happy…so happy

Among the beers available are the C.R.E.E.M. Ale, Belay IPA, Cardinale Red, Spiral Man Oatmeal Stout, Groovin’ with a Pic Scottish Ale and Hefe Endings, among others.

North Mountain has always been a favorite of this blog because they opened about the same time I started my personal beer journey. My earliest beer knowledge was cultivated by their diverse beer menu. The food is pretty darn good too.

Here’s hoping this thing ends sooner than later.

Prost! (from home, of course)