Cicerone Exam Invades My Dreams

The countdown to my Certified Cicerone┬« exam is officially on. I take the Certified Cicerone exam in just under three weeks and I have been studying pretty intensely the last few weeks. But I may have passed some kind of line because now I’m dreaming about studying.


The Cicerone exam includes a demonstration element where test-takers must perform a routine beer-related task typically performed by bartenders. According to my study sources, this task can be as simple as pouring a draft beer or changing a keg, to more involved items like disassembling and cleaning a beer faucet.

Because I like to be over-prepared, I recently purchased a beer faucet and have been practicing disassembling and reassembling it. I must be over-doing my study because a few nights ago, I dreamed I was a bartender cleaning beer faucets. But that’s not the strange part.

In the middle of my dream, I awoke to find myself sitting up in bed, holding my reading glasses. I soon realized I had been opening and refolding my glasses, turning them over in my hands repeatedly. Evidently, in my deep slumber, I grabbed my glasses off my night stand thinking they were a beer faucet. Not only had I been dreaming of cleaning a beer faucet, I was trying to actually clean one in my sleep.

I hope that’s not a sign that I will sleepwalk through the exam!