Cheers to Clean Glassware

The Cicerone organization spends quite a bit of effort educating students about and promoting the use of proper glassware in beer service. They are concerned that Certified Beer Servers and Cicerones serve beer in the appropriate vessel, but also that glassware is properly cleaned. A glass that is “beer clean” is not only visibly free of debris (naturally) but also elevates the beer drinking experience by providing several visual clues to the drinker that your beer has not been adversely affected by your glass. A dirty beer glass can contain grease, which obviously does not mix well with beer!

One hallmark sign of a clean beer glass is the lacing the beer leaves behind on the inside of the glass as you drink it. “Proper lacing” should look like a fishnet.

Recently, I had a Bombardier Glorious English Bitter Ale at The Codfather on Bell Road in Phoenix. As I drank the beer, I noticed this:

Almost perfect lacing.

Cheers to The Codfather for giving this important element of the beer experience proper attention!


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