British Codfather Loses London Pride

The Codfather, a small British restaurant in north Phoenix, is now slightly less British.

On a recent visit, I was informed that Codfather’s beer distributor is no longer stocking London Pride, Fuller’s primary British Ale. And that’s a problem since, you know, The Codfather is a British restaurant and London Pride is the world’s most famous British Bitter Ale.

That, and the logo for London Pride is posted everywhere in the restaurant.

Codfather still serves a small array of British and Irish Bitters and Ales, including Boddington’s, Old Speckled Hen, and Kilkenny.

But the loss of London Pride is a major blow for British beer fans. Outside of Codfather, there are few other places in Phoenix to get a true British beer. George and Dragon in uptown Phoenix nearly closed a few years ago and remains beset with problems.

Hopefully someone will step in and bring London Pride back to Phoenix. You can’t drink Boddington’s forever, you know.


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