Borderlands Phoenix Construction Update

It’s been at least two months since our last update on the construction of the new Borderlands Brewpub coming to north Phoenix. [I drive by the site every day on my way to work, you’d think I’d have more to say.] So, I swung by the site recently to check things out.

Things are progressing…but…slowly.

Borderlands’ liquor license application was approved in July by the Phoenix city council, so that’s good [it would have made the whole project moot if it had been denied].

The biggest project since then seems to have been the plumbing. Some kind of valve was installed on the east side of the building, which required a trench through the parking lot.

The yellow markings on the curb indicate it may have been a gas line that was installed, and the valve will eventually be a meter. That, and the vent hood visible in other photos, perhaps indicates the kitchen will be on the east side of the restaurant. Hard to tell at this point.

Inside, the mystery hole that is front and center has been filled in and we can see what appear to be two drains. In between looks like a supply line and built into the dividing wall behind the hole is a water vent pipe. So maybe there are plans for a bar/service area near the front door.

What we are not seeing yet are a lot of potable water lines. This stage of construction is, of course, all about infrastructure, but if Borderlands is going to be brewing beer on this site (and not simply trucking kegs up from Tucson), I’d expect to see more water lines. Maybe they are in the back, out of sight.

One final observation: the temporary sign above the door stating the site will be the “Future Home of Borderlands Brewing” is gone. One can hope that means a permanent sign is in the works!

Yeah, that sign is gone.

I can’t wait for them to open and for the opportunity to single-handedly make them a success.

Yeah. I like beer.