Regular readers of this blog might have noticed I’ve been absent for a while. [I know, it’s wishful thinking to state that we might possibly have “regular readers.” We get spam regularly enough….]

I’m slowly emerging from my own personal hell—one that has nothing to do with Coronavirus. While I haven’t been writing lately, I have been keeping up with my beer observations. To wit:

>I finally passed 1000 unique beers on Untappd. I think that makes me extraordinary. I also earned the “Extraordinary” badge on Untappd. My “Beer #1000” was Local Craft Beer’s ‘Cheers MothaF****s 3’ and it was glorious.

>The ‘sometimes open/sometimes closed’ merry-go-round schedule for taprooms has got to stop. Simple Machine in north Phoenix was open for a while but closed suddenly. Growler USA was open but shut down for two weeks and was open maybe five days before closing again today. While visiting Mesa last week, 12 West’s fantastic downtown event center was closed (due to their specific licensing) but half a block away, Oro Brewing was open.

9.3% of Whoa (yeah, this is NOT the Session IPA)

>Speaking of Oro…their “West End” is a somewhat drinkable Session IPA (hard to find one of those) and their “It Came From Beyond” Triple IPA is outstanding.

>Before the shutdown and entering my personal pit of despair, I was preparing to continue the “Best Beer” series, naming “Hop Shock” SanTan’s best. But now…I’m not so sure. After one gloriously perfect pint I’ve yet to experience that again.

>Moosehead’s Grapefruit Radler is the BEST beer to drink when it is oh so hot here in Phoenix.

>I’m preparing to take the Cicerone American beer styles exam soon. I took the beer styles 20-question sample test and failed it twice. Ack…

Sit. Stay. Good boy.

>Sleepy Dog does NOT appear to be gone for good. Total Wine is giving good shelf space to them, along with a new brew: Dog Days Blood Orange Pale Ale (which is pretty good).

>After sampling a Kronenbourg 1664 and Magic Hat Easy Miles today, I can honestly say I’ve had every beer at Yard House at least once. Is there an Untappd badge for that?